Tungsten Plastic Radiation Shielding

Tungsten Plastic Radiation Shielding Picture

Brief Introduction of Tungsten Plastic:
Tungsten plastic, some people call it plastic tungsten which is filled up a plastic binder of halogen-free with tungsten powder, so plastic tungsten has the characters of tungsten powder and plastic: lead-free, high flexibility and can be machined into various of shapes, without using ROHS materials, delivery of order-made long sheet.
As tungsten plastic has so many properties, plastic tungsten is easily machined into various types of tungsten plastic radiation shielding which is widely used in medical areas.

General Characteristic (Typical Values) of Tungsten Plastic Radiation Shielding

Item Measurement Method Measurement Value
Application Measures to prevent vibration and noise, substitute of lead for X-ray shielding, balancer
Thickness(mm) - 0.55
Wide(mm) - 310
Length(mm) - 10
Specific Gravity Water displacement method 8.4
Tensile Strength(mPc) JISK6251 3.2
Flammability UL94 V-1
Hardness Durometer A 92
X-ray Shielding Properties JIS Z 4501 0.30±0.01mm Pb

X-ray Tungsten Plastic Cover Characteristic:

plastic tungsten sheet